Sometimes the hardest thing to do is introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Diane and this is where I will let you know about upcoming books I am publishing, hoping to publish and stories I am writing.

I signed a contract in February with Crimson Romance, a division of Adams Media. This is a first for them; venturing into publishing romance, and a first for me – being published.

In June you will be able to purchase my novel, The Heart You Own. As I have more information I will post it. For now:

New Mexico Territory, 1895

Why would an English lord want to have part ownership in a New Mexico cattle ranch?  And why did it have to be her father’s ranch?

Kara Jonston has grown up thinking she will someday inherit the family ranch. She worked the ranch as hard as any man. Ask any of the cowboys. They will tell you this is high praise.
Growing up with more freedom than most women, she thought her father valued her opinion and counted on her. Finding out her father sold half ownership in the ranch and to a foreigner no
less without even talking to her hurts her pride and stirs her anger. To make matters worse, this outsider is coming to inspect his investment, and her father expects her to be nice.
Although she promised her father to give his new partner a chance, she vows she will never accept him as her partner on her ranch.

Hawke Pryce, Lord Stoneham, is not English, he is Scottish.  He is not soft, and he is not coming to the New Mexico Territory just to inspect his latest investment.  He’s hunting a man.
Learning the man is in White Oaks, New Mexico, close to the ranch he has
invested in is just a lucky break.  

Having heard that his new partner’s daughter works the ranch with the cowboys, Hawke is unprepared for the rare beauty he meets. At a barbecue to introduce Hawke
to neighbors and friends, everything is going well until Case introduces Hawke to his daughter Kara.  Sparks fly!  Kara is amazed at the man before her. He is everything she thought
he would not be. A stirring of interest has her rethinking trying to get rid of him…until he declares there is no way Kara works as hard as any man. 

About Diane Jewkes

I am a lover of books and history. I grew up in southern New Mexico and currently lives in Colorado with her husband and much-loved dogs. She has two children and three grandchildren living nearby. I can be reached at dianerjewkesauthor@gmail.com
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