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Review from Library Journal

Jewkes, Diane R. The Heart You Need. Crimson Romance. Jan. 2017. 95p. ebk. ISBN 9781507203101. $3.99. HISTORICAL ROMANCE
Jewkes sets her new novella (after The Heart You Own) in late 19th-century California. Adeline Ellsworth is a journalist trying to make the move from the society page to the front page in 1896 San Francisco. Her investigation into the death of her cousin Tommy (a police officer) has led her back to society events, where she meets Alec, Lord MacCairn, a Scottish peer who is visiting the city on business. When Alec and Linnie are kidnapped, she has to take him into her confidence and her investigation. Alec, who feels instantly protective of Linnie, insists that he be allowed to help. As the two probe further, their attraction turns into something deeper.
Verdict Jewkes attempts a lot in a short number of pages and succeeds with some of it. Linnie and Alec are appealing, and their quick-fire romance works, but the rest of the story and the other characters are sketched in (necessarily so) and feel thin. Still, fans of Joanna Shupe’s “The Knickerbocker Club” series will find much to like here.—Jane Jorgenson, Madison P.L., WI

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Available at Amazon, B& and iTunes!

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New cover!

Coming January, 2017

Coming January, 2017

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The Heart You Need

Coming January 2017!

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The Heart You Own has been reissued as part of Amazon Encore.

Amazon is reissuing the digital version under their Encore series and have modified the cover. The print version is still available as a Crimson Romance imprint.


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Amazon Kindle Daily Deal Today!

The Heart You Own is now the #1 Historical Romance on Amazon Kindle!

Heart cover

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Kindle Daily Deal

February 11, The Heart You Own will be listed as a Kindle Daily Deal. Here is a chance to purchase the e-book for $.99.

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Giveaway on Goodreads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Heart You Own by Diane R. Jewkes

The Heart You Own

by Diane R. Jewkes

Giveaway ends December 21, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Crimson Romance Holiday Blog Hop

It’s hard to believe that Crimson Romance and I (as an author) have been around for six months already! Ten of the June 4, 2012 Crimson Romance launch authors have decided to  celebrate with a blog hop and a giveaway!

Click on this a Rafflecopter giveaway link to enter a drawing for a Kindle loaded with one title from each of the 10 participating authors!

Today I am hosting the wonderful Irene Preston, author of Infamous, a wonderful spicy contemporary.  Welcome Irene!

Thank you for sharing in our six-month launch anniversary!  Since our anniversary falls during the holidays. I’ve prepared a little post-epilogue Christmas scene.  I hope you enjoy it – and don’t forget to enter the contest at the end to win a free Kindle loaded with 10 fabulous romances!


All Jessica wanted for Christmas was to spend the holiday with Morgan and Kinsey.  Instead. .. .

Jessica sighed as she snapped a picture of the house to email Morgan.  The service had done a beautiful job.  The long driveway was lined with luminarias, the entire house was outlined in lights, evergreen garlands lined the porch rails and a massive wreath hung on the front door. In short, it was a picture perfect California Christmas scene.  The only thing that was missing was the happy family.

Look how fab the house looks!!! XOXO

She hit SEND before she could think too much about the text message. She wanted to add more.  Like, I miss you. Come home. Or It won’t be Christmas without you. But there was no sense whining.  It was Christmas Eve and she knew Morgan was doing everything possible to get home.  With the latest flight delay the chances of him actually making it by Christmas was getting slimmer and slimmer.

It wouldn’t be the Christmas she wanted anyway.  For the first time she wasn’t going to be inParis,New York, or evenL.A.for Christmas Eve.  And at least the party she was going to wouldn’t be televised.  Still, a guest list of over fifty of their ‘closest’ friends wasn’t exactly the intimate family holiday she had wanted for her first Christmas with Morgan and Kinsey.

It was her ‘gift’ from Morgan – the big party.  Because he knew she usually spent Christmas Eve at some big shin-dig and he wanted her to be happy.  He and Kinsey had taken care of the catering, the invitations, everything.  All she had to do was show up and enjoy herself.

She headed back into the house.  She would have to change soon. And shouldn’t the caterers be here to set up by now?

She found Kinsey in the kitchen arranging cookies on large silver platter.

“Oh, sweetie. . . . “ Jessica stopped, not sure what to say.  The cookies were the ones she and Kinsey had made yesterday. Most were slightly misshapen, a few were definitely burnt, and all had a decidedly ‘homemade’ décor job.  They were exactly the cookies she wanted to be eating – alone with Morgan and Kinsey in front of the tree.  No way was she going to tell Kinsey those cookies weren’t going out on the buffet with the croque en bouche and petit fours from the catering company.

Instead she hugged Kinsey, narrowly avoiding getting a jingle bell in the eye from the elf hat perched on Kinsey’s head.  “Those look great! Center of the dessert table for sure!”

“And speaking of which,” she continued, “have the caterers called? It seems like they should be here by now.”

“Actually. . . umm.”

The doorbell rang, cutting off Kinsey’s as she dashed around the corner.  “Grandpa Jay” she shrieked.  “You came!”

Jessica’s jaw dropped as she followed Kinsey into the foyer. “Dad?  Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your big open house?”  J.T.’s Christmas Eve open house was legendary inHollywood.  What was he doing here?

“Just came by to drop off a few presents.  Got something that came last minute for Kinsey.”  He handed Kinsey a colorful box and winked. “I’ve got plenty of time to get back before things get rolling at my place. Oh, and I thought you might want this.”  He picked up the large basket on the floor behind him and handed it to Jessica.

Good grief! It was a huge deli basket filled with food. What was she going to do with it?

“Umm, thanks. I’ll just put that in the. . . “

“Hellooooo, darlings!”

“Grandma!” Kinsey was practically dancing with glee.  “What are you doing here?”

Yes, what was her  mother-in-law doing here?  As far as Jessica knew, she had planned to be in Hawaii for the holiday.  And was that a ham she was carrying?

She dutifully kissed Morgan’s mother on the cheek.  “Please come on in.  You and Kinsey can visit while I call the caterers and. . . . “


“I’m sure they’re on the way”

“Surely you can just visit for a few minutes, dear.”

Jessica gaped at her family.  Were they insane?  She had fifty guests arriving in, she checked her watch,  a little over an hour and no food. Still. . . .

“Well, I suppose I can sit down for a few minutes before I go get dressed,” she said.  “But I really do have to call the caterers.”

“Are you sure?” A deep voice said from behind here. “It looks like we have plenty of food.”

Jessica froze.

She whirled around and launched herself at Morgan.  The minute his arms came around her, all her disappointment in the day disappeared.  She didn’t know how he had made it back, but it didn’t matter.

Finally, she turned back to the rest of the family.  J.T. nudged Kinsey.

“Well, kiddo, it was your idea.  Tell her.”

Kinsey grinned at her.

“Would you be really disappointed if we didn’t have a huge party tonight?. . . .Because I sorta lost all the invites and forgot to call the caterers.”

Jessica stared at her then back at Morgan.  “It was a set-up?. . . You set me UP?”

“Merry Christmas, Jessica!” Everyone shouted.

She couldn’t stop smiling.

Christmas with her family. Best present ever!

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December is filled with wonderful things – from the delicious goodies taking up our counter space to time spent with friends and family.


What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?


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