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Diane is an avid reader and devoted grandmother. It has always been her aspiration to complete her first novel, and after years of hard work and plain old procrastination, she has done it. …above all she is devoted to her dogs who are often her inspiration for procrastination.

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  1. Sara Ford says:

    Really enjoyed meeting you at the RMFW conference. It’s not often you get a chance to talk to someone who knows about those places in Texas (armpits) or who knows that teletype sounds like.

    Wish you the very best.

    Sara Ford

  2. Claude Leto says:

    Diane, I hope you guys arrived home without luggage incidents and on time. I tried emailing you but you wrote on the e address something I didn’t understand, therefore I will have to wait until you email me back, my regards to other half. Claude, St. Croix, US VI

  3. Brenda Wallwork says:

    Just finished reading The Heart of your Own are you going to do a follow on something
    like a Trilogy maybe them going back to Scotland.

  4. Saw your book on Lynn Cahoon’s blog. Loved the peek into what’s in store for Alex. So now I’ve downloaded The Heart You Own to my Kindle. Should make a nice winter read.

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  6. karen says:

    do u have newsletter and blog to join by email

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